Hello Gorgeous!

Growing up in Prince George’s County, MD, I have always had a passion for fashion. I had a creative eye for different styles and would bring them to life using my god given talent and creativity. I guess you can say I was known for my unique style and out of the box creations. I enjoyed being different. It made me the artist I have become today.

I always wanted to go to California and become this big fashion icon, but my reality at the time was to go to college and get a “Good Job” in order to be successful. Working in the corporate world for 8 years was not enough. I urged for something more, but just did not know what it was. All I knew is that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. So I decided to pursue my Master’s Degree in Business, while pregnant and working full-time. At the time, I had started my very first business as a CPR Instructor, then decided to become an independent jewelry consultant while working full-time and being an entrepreneur. Business was great!

How did I become “Like a Boss”

In 2015, a good friend of mines introduced me to a technique called “Microblading”. It was very new and only being offered in California at the time. Once seeing what Microblading was all about, I knew it would flourish very quickly. After convincing our husbands of why we should invest in Microblading, our flights were booked and off we went.

My vision become reality very quickly. My technique was unique, giving people a more natural looking brow versus a tattooed effect. Starting out in my own room, with other women business owners, I was able to start my microblading career. Now doing brows and selling my glamourous jewelry is how I came up with the name Glamour Beauty & Brows. As I built my business and brand in Stafford, VA, I decided I needed to offer my clients more. I went to school to gain my licensed as a Permanent Makeup Artist to further my knowledge and career in this industry.

What’s next for the Glam-Queen

I wanted to be able to offer more and give others the same opportunity that was granted to me. My dream is finally becoming true. This business was good to me so now it’s time to give back. I opened up my own salon suite called “Glam Room” salon suites, where I was finally able to put my creativity to work! My vision for this space was to bring in like-minded independent beauty professionals like myself, wanting to build their business and clientele in a chic but private space. Where they can also be able to build their brand and become their own boss a well.

In the foreseen future, I will be opening up a training institute where I will be able to train students to become licensed in Permanent Makeup while working towards creating my own brand for my designer line called “Glammies” which was inspired by the Glam Room look and expanding our salon suite.

In the Glam Room we offer luxury salon suites for rent, where you can customize your suite to fit you. The Glam Room offers Permanent Makeup, Hair, full body waxing just to name a few. It’s a great feeling when your dream and passion come together.

Now, I want to give a huge shout out to my clients and my team who I could not have made this happen without them and to my #1 supporters, my husband and son. I want to thank you for supporting me from the very beginning and believing in me. Best decision I could have made for myself and my family.

Just so you know, this establishment was made with Love and Support!

Thank you!

Owner of Glamour Beauty and Brows

Founder of Glam Room Salon Suites Est. 2018